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Keywords: sheep mountains southern alps gravel road rural flock alpine farming blue grass

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Erewhon, Canterbury, New Zealand.

  • The most cost-effective way of creating photographic art for your home or office! Download the image and take it to your local print shop and they can print it at any size. Download will NOT contain the digital signature. Resolutions vary and have been sharpened, and will be suitable for reasonable sized reproduction. I recommend having your printer make a small copy first to check colour matching.

    Image may be downloaded for personal use only.  This includes printing out the photograph for your home or office, or use on your personal social media or website. It does NOT allow for reproduction for monetary or promotional gain, neither making products nor incorporating the image in the design of any product, nor for use on commercial websites or business social media accounts and pages, or any form of advertising. Please contact to negotiate commercial permissions.

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