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Every artwork name is unique - this is all you need to record or remember to ensure we both know which piece you are referring to. 


All my hand-created artworks are unique and high-value piece of art, and you are welcome to contact me to effect a payment directly into my bank account or by another arranged method to secure it.  


Where an artwork is held by another gallery, I will put you in  touch with that gallery directly.  Please note that the selling price of my art is consistent irrespective of who is entrusted to display it and facilitate a sale.  


Delivery will be organised by personal contact and agreement, and could either be using a trusted courier service or even in person, at least within New Zealand.  Within New Zealand's borders delivery is included in the price, as is GST.  For international purchases delivery will incur an additional cost to be settled as a separate transaction, and will be agreed by discussion between myself and the buyer.  In all cases, including within New Zealand, there could be an appreciable delay between purchasing and receiving the artwork to allow for the logistics involved. This will be kept as efficient as possible and every attempt will be made to have your artwork hanging in its new location as soon as practical.  I recommend planning for canvas artworks to be removed from their stretcher bars or drawings to be removed from their frames and sent rolled in a mailing tube, for restretching or reframing at your cost at your delivery location, to allow for safest transportation. 


If you have any questions I haven't answered here please contact me prior to purchasing, via the contact page.  


I am occasionally completely out of contact in remote locations and will follow up with you immediately on my return. This is an increasingly unlikely scenario in the modern world but it's a good thing that such places still exist in New Zealand. 


I have been selling art professionally and internationally since 1995 and am grateful that my work continues to find an audience, thank you.


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